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  • Executive Resume Writers: Call (832) 736-0585
  • Executive Resume Writers: Call (832) 736-0585
  • Executive Resume Writers: Call (832) 736-0585
  • Executive Resume Writers: Call (832) 736-0585
  • Executive Resume Writers: Call (832) 736-0585

Writing Services

Professional Resumes

Our resume gets you the interview. Your skills seal the deal. 

LinkedIn Profiles

Consider LinkedIn your public resume. We make it look great.

Cover Letters

The average job posting receives 350 applicants. Our cover letters convince the hiring manager to recycle the other 349.

Our Writers

Together, our writers have over 50 years of experience in crafting resumes and matching people with their dream job.

Our writers hold certifications in the following organizations:

Executive Resume Writers: Call (832) 736-0585

National Resume Writers Association

Executive Resume Writers: Call (832) 736-0585

Career Association of Professionals Writers

Executive Resume Writers: Call (832) 736-0585

Career Directors International


Tricia P. Sr. Manager
Health Care

5+ Stars
“Let me just say this is NOT your typical resume writing service. I was surprised at how detailed they were on getting to know every aspect of my career to create a resume that truly fit me.”

Tim S. Sr. Vice President
Oil & Gas

“If you’re anything like me, you only care about results. Boardroom Resumes delivers. I highly recommend their services.”

Josephine T. CMO
Tech Company

Satisfied Customer
“This was the experience I was looking for! Professional, descriptive, informative. I cannot say enough great things about the wonderful service that has been given. Call me a very satisfied and happy customer.”

How It Works

Executive Resume Writers: Call (832) 736-0585

Initial Contact

We’re selective on who we work with; you should be too.  Think of selecting a writer as similar to dating your significant other.  There needs to be chemistry to make it work. That being said, we only take on clients that we connect with and feel that we can write them a truly amazing piece of work, their resume.

Phone Consultation

Bring your old resume, yourself, and a pen + paper.  We’re getting into the details of everything you’ve accomplished in life.

The Creative Process

We create a first draft, see what you think, then work together until we’ve created the resume that gets you hired at the job you want.

Final Draft

After everything has been said and done, your resume will be a work of art. We’ll be keeping in touch so that we can celebrate when you’ve landed your dream job.


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Executive Resume Writers: Call (832) 736-0585

Resume Writing Service Contact Info:
(832) 736-0585

Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, & Austin

Executive Resume Writer’s Scholarship

  • We’re very proud to announce our new scholarship program aimed at helping students follow their dreams:  The Executive Resume Writer’s Scholarship.


    Three $1,000 Scholarships

    Application Requirements:

    • Be interested in a career in technology or e-commerce post graduation.
    • US Citizen or permanent resident.
    • Have no affiliation or relationships to any of the employees of Boardroom Resumes.
    • Graduating high school senior, undergraduate student, or graduate student.
    • Enrolled as a full-time student in an accredited institution of higher learning in the Fall of 2018.
    • 2.5 Minimum GPA.
    • Complete the Applicant Details Form by April 30th, 2018.
    • If offered the scholarship, provide verification of college enrollment by June 15, 2018.


    Aug 15th, 2017 – Scholarship Announced

    Apr 30, 2018 – Submission Deadline

    May 31, 2018 – Winner Announced

    June 15, 2018 – Proof of Enrollment Due

    Aug 1, 2018 – Scholarship Funds Disbursed

    Submission Details:

    Step 1:  Create Future Resume.

    Write a resume for your future self in 20 years. Make it accomplishment based, along with your education, and work experience.

    Save resume as “Scholarship2017_LastName_FirstName_Resume.”


    Step 2: Complete the Application Form.

Executive Resume Writers: Call (832) 736-0585